Welcome to the pilot-link community

pilot-link is a suite of tools used to connect your Palm or PalmOS® compatible handheld with Unix, Linux, and any other POSIX-compatible machine. pilot-link works with all PalmOS® handhelds, including those made by Handspring, Sony, and Palm, as well as others.

pilot-link includes userspace "conduits" that allow you to syncronize information to and from your Palm device, as well as libraries of Palm-compatible functions that allow other applications to take advantage of the code included in pilot-link.

There are also several language "bindings" that allow you to use your favorite development language with pilot-link, such as Java, Tcl, Perl, and Python.

The conduits

pilot-link "conduits" are little applications that you can run and connect to your PalmOS® handheld or send and retrieve information from the device, using your desktop or remote networked server to initiate the connection.

Many of pilot-link's conduits allow you to install new applications onto your Palm device, or back up your important data, or convert your Address book into a format suitable for use in other applications. There are dozens of conduits included in pilot-link that perform lots of different functions.

The libraries

pilot-link includes several libraries that support important Palm functions to allow you to connect, manage, manipulate and integrate the data on your Palm handheld within other applications. These libraries are in both C and C++ formats, suitable for linking between your applications and tools.

The bindings

pilot-link also includes "bindings", or code that you can use in your native development language of choice. This includes Java classes, Perl modules, Python bytecode, and Tcl scripts that link to the shared libraries that pilot-link includes, as well as the ability to manipulate the data on the desktop or the Palm directly.

pilot-link 0.12.5 "No Codename" released with new Calendar code

This is to get 0.12.5 out with the new Calendar code so J-Pilot can get their release out. I will be dropping a release shortly after this with the patches rolled up from 0.12.4 to current pushed in.

Apologies to Judd, Rik and Ludovic for taking this long.. life had to come first.

MD5 Checksums

cd409c09b93654f0fc45015a7fc17b2c  pilot-link-
568c55bf504b044f6fbd50baa407c990  pilot-link-0.12.5.tar.bz2
fd86d98c886649d95dacc9b703b3a8bd  pilot-link-0.12.5.tar.gz
6e0fc1ca09401c7ef3f0a4e94f3a15ff  pilot-link-0.12.5.zip

SHA1 Checksums

b6f29789b4f68aa32aa16ca242d1d21f050d4e46  pilot-link-
b822466333ba58bbb32d7cfe5c547f4e7a78bdee  pilot-link-0.12.5.tar.bz2
583a42e6d9e984dec4446d57b55125c99548bcab  pilot-link-0.12.5.tar.gz
438ed3d0ff5ea7ce45c91c9864c1b118c4323be3  pilot-link-0.12.5.zip

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Source code

Check the ChangeLog for the details on all fixes for this release

pilot-link 0.12.4, the "PEW and PAS" release

Another pilot-link release out the door, almost 2 years after the last one. With the Palm Pre being released shortly and Palm killing off Palm OS, this may be one of the last versions of pilot-link made available before the project is orphaned off and shut down.

MD5 Checksums

GPG Signatures

Source code

Release Notes

  • Too many to mention. It HAS been almost 2 years. I'll get to this list soon... :)

Check the ChangeLog for the details on all fixes for this release

pilot-link 0.12.3, "Can-of-Raid"

Here you go, another pilot-link release. This one fixes quite a few issues:

MD5 Checksums

GPG Signatures

Source code

Release Notes

  • Fix for Sony NR70 devices not being detected properly
  • BlueZ detection fix
  • XSLT manpage autogeneration fixes
  • Perl bindings build error, remove autoconfiscated files from releases
  • Java bindings build errors, remove autoconfiscated Makefile
  • Renamed pilot-treofoto and pilot-650foto to pilot-foto-treo600 and pilot-foto-treo650
  • Added missing manpages for pilot-foto-treo6xx
  • Fixed OS5 failures with pilot-addresses.c
  • Updated pilot-install-memo.c to allow installation of files outside the current working directory
  • Fix for pi_usb_accept, adding PI_ERR_SOCK_LISTENER from Matt Davey's patch (closing #1782)

Check the ChangeLog for the details on all fixes for this release