Sony Clié does not work with libusb anymore

I have synced the Sony Clié SJ 30 with libusb until pilot-link 0.12.1. Since 0.12.2 it does not work any more. The system is waiting forever instead of establishing a connection to the PDA.

I have to use the old visor module. Then it works again.

I assume this is because of the better support for palm TX. This is really better since 0.12.2. The TX was difficult to use in 0.12.1.


Ubuntu, more than a distro

Alright, I don't know how to code but I can be taught what to cut and paste from where. How does this translate into signing up for this site and posting a blog?

It means that while I have specific ideas of how I want to use JPilot, along with other software, I believe that there needs to be testers to help the developers. There are slight problem flaws that I see with pilot-link and though I'm not coding, they don't seem like they would be hard fixes. However, I could be totally wrong.

So I'm here, to give my input where I can.